Not once did he mention listening to KUHF/88.7 FM, the city's only National Public Radio affiliate and classical music format. Does he not know that the FM dial goes below 90 megahertz, or is it just his bias showing?

Lisa Garvin

Another Sanctuary

A church without change: Mrs. Darras surely knew the temperament of St. Barnabas before going there ["Altar Egos," by Craig Malisow, February 10]. It has been an established church for more than 40 years and has never embraced women in a leadership role (e.g., priest, chalice bearer, acolyte, etc.).

I was visiting that Sunday that she was barred and heard some of the comments made in the parish hall. I can understand her frustration. Mrs. Darras needs to take her talents elsewhere and not try to force them on a congregation that obviously will not be changing in the foreseeable future.

Carole Mather

Of No Account

HISD's programming: "Inaccurate accounting" seems to be the explanation for attendance fraud, testing fraud, meal fraud, etc., in HISD reports [Hair Balls, "On Second Thought," February 10] .

I wonder if they use a "hot key" that's programmed for the text "inaccurate accounting" -- something like Ctrl + Alt + FU. Oh, crap! That's the same text Karl Rove uses when directing government auditors to lay off observed Halliburton discrepancies.

Name withheld by request

In the Soup

Help for the homeless: Richard Connelly, thank you, thank you, thank you for putting the "Making News" item [Hair Balls, February 10] in the Press. It was excellent!

A few weeks ago, for the sake of a dose of reality, I took my sons on a delivery of five gallons of soup down to Main and Pierce in 30-degree temperatures. Since then, the police have said the homeless are trespassers, and it just dumbfounds me that our city, our mayor, our police department and our neighborhood-whatever council could possibly say the public is not allowed to use public property.

Some news outlets like the Press take up for the little guy, but then to have some idiot like the Channel 13 cameraman show up and cause someone to be arrested is truly a sign of a community gone bad. Since it was Channel 13, I wrote an e-mail as a kind of joke to Channel 13 investigative reporter Wayne Dolcefino, saying he needed to investigate rogue camera guys who stage news events.

Mr. Dolcefino called me to get more information, and I kind of laughed at him because it was his own company's cameraman. He said he had forwarded the message for an internal investigation. If it weren't for the Houston Press, we would be limited to the sterile, commercial-driven, staged stories that the news stations put out.

Roy Lewis

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