No Fun Allowed

Who hates parades? Councilman Mark Goldberg.

Fort Bend schools have blocked students' access to a popular Web site where they can anonymously rate their teachers (called, imaginatively enough, The site is up in arms.

"A quarter of all our traffic nationwide comes from within schools," says site co-founder Michael Hussey. "So if all that were blocked, it would be significant."

FBISD spokeswoman Mary Ann Simpson defends the district's action. Students still can get to the site from their homes, she notes. "While this Web site may contain some educational information, its main purpose is to rate teachers, and many of the comments are very derogatory," she says.

Like this one, about a teacher at Elkins High: "So not cool, and she grades the most trivial details ridiculously hard." Or about another at Elkins: "She knows absolutly [sic] nothing about what she trys [sic] to teach, and I wish that a principal would fire her!"

The best one, though, is about an English teacher at Kempner High: "Just because he is really fascinated by the extremely BORING history of our language doesn't mean we are," one student writes.

Everyone's a critic, man.

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