Test Ride

Driver distractions: The only form of transport you missed was a monkey riding a dog ["The Cannonball Run," by Michael Serazio, February 17].

Regarding the fact that not too many people noticed your experiment, those urban assault vehicles are pretty tricked out. With so many in-vehicle options -- watching a DVD, prank-calling OnStar, reading the Houston Press online or watching the gas gauge move ever closer to "E" -- you can't expect them to watch the road.

Absent Elves
Absent Elves

Crystal Jackson

A bath on the math: I'm always amazed at an article that takes five times as long to read as the length of the event chronicled -- congratulations.

You either made a significant error or just phrased your explanation incorrectly on one fact. You said: "...TranStar recorded more than 3.4 million hours of annual congestion -- or roughly the equivalent of being forced to watch Alexander 19,429 times."

Was the movie Alexander 175 hours long? That is what is required to stretch 19,429 viewings across 3.4 million hours. The accurate number -- 1,179,191 viewings -- is much more impressive than the number mistakenly run. Still stupid, though.

Note to the editor: You should "fact" check your reporters' numbers. It is great sport, not unlike shooting wildlife from a helicopter. I discovered this as an editor in 1975 -- the offending reporter completely misinterpreted some precinct election results. Now she is a producer for CBS News (I kid you not!).

BTW, Do you have the guts to do the same "Cannonball Run" against the trolley that Metro calls a train? I once outran it downtown, and I am a pathetic runner.

Dale Napier

Hats Off, Panties On

Understanding parents: Hats off to you for "The Canons of Courting," [by Michael Serazio, January 27]! Now, much of the public can begin to understand why we parents (especially home schooling parents) choose to do what we do. Our children are priceless gifts. They should be handled with much prayer and care.

Laura Kelly

Sexist pigs: Courting involves both genders, but you choose to depict a naked female teenager -- covered in tape. In all the sarcasm I can muster, thanks for once again lending to this male-chauvinistic world by objectifying women as sex objects so you can push your newspaper.

So if there is parity in this country, where is the close-up of the bulge in the near naked male-crotch shot?

Oh, are men more than penises? Well, women are more than vaginas that are "off-limits" until marriage.

Wake up!

Juli "parity is wonderful" Boone

(P.S.: If parents are attempting to instill morals rather than utilize this crass quid pro quo world of ours, shame on you for making fun of them and denigrating their religious beliefs.)

Tuning Heads

I was disappointed to see that not once during John Nova Lomax's radio orgy ["Radio Daze," February 10] did he stop on Houston's remaining classical music station, KUHF (88.7FM). It would have been nice to read something like:

3:01 p.m. -- KUHF is starting their program The Front Row. A local classical pianist is going to play in studio and there are a couple of taped interviews with art gallery curators. This is a great venue for support of the local arts scene.

9:35 p.m. -- Horns lay down a brass blanket of sound and an orchestra's string section sweeps over it in full flight. Wow. It's nice to have a reminder that sometimes a symphony can move mountains while other music just bangs on rocks.

10:13 a.m. -- Ugh. Classical music so light it doesn't break the surface tension of water. KUHF can't avoid the trap that says classical music stations have to provide aural wallpaper for the workplace.

Any one of these potential entries or the like could have appeared in Lomax's article. KUHF isn't perfect but they're the only game in town dedicated to playing classical music. This significant spot on the dial should not have been missed.

Jason Hibbard

Coma toast: Although the results of the exercise you undertook were utterly predictable, I nonetheless appreciate your effort. While you and others have ranted for some time about the barren wasteland that is Houston radio, thanks for documenting what turned out to be a 24-hour slice of shit, save for 610, KPFT and KTRU.

As a frustrated channel surfer, I would take this a step further by personally calling out anybody who has the guts to fess up to actually thinking the likes of the Arrow, KRBE, the Buzz, etc., is anything but the crap it is: suck-ass radio for brain-dead zombies.

That's the problem we'll probably never overcome as long as these ignoramuses who think they like music are content to be spoon-fed bile from ClearChannel, MTV and Sony. I could program a station better while in a coma.

DJ Mookie

Zero Intolerance

Student inmates: As one of Katy Zero Tolerance's "400 white Republicans," thanks for your column ["Mind Reading," by Margaret Downing, February 17]. It highlights the concerns of our group and parents throughout the state.

My only comment is that we're missing some of the issues here! I truly believe that there should be more interventions and solutions within the school. Highlight today: the young man in Spring Branch ISD who wrote a "hit list" and had suspected bomb makings at his home. You will probably find that he was a victim of bullying by his peers, and/or he felt that he was being unfairly treated by his teachers, and felt helpless against the system!

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