How about getting somebody other than the radio jocks that are already popular like Outlaw Dave, but getting somebody who is willing to do this for free on weekends and every god-giving extra second of their lives, just to do it for the love of the music. They should get me as a radio jock, somebody who was walking the streets for free just to get a petition ready to get a new rock station in Houston.

But who the hell am I kidding -- no radio station will give a true metal fan a chance to try to let other metalheads and rock admirers get a chance to have a taste of songs they'll probably never hear.

Leo Ponce

Absent Elves
Absent Elves

Absent Elves

No female victims: Although I always appreciate critical reviews of my work in the Press, I feel that I need to clarify some factual information in "The Art of Sex" [February 17]. Keith Plocek writes that my artwork in the DiverseWorks show "is a lot more palatable than some of what he was showing during the Art Crawl, where elfish figures strangled and molested nude women." After reading this, I wondered whose studio he visited during the Art Crawl.

I have never painted an elfish figure in my life and no female characters are ever "strangled and molested" in my work. My female characters may actively instigate trouble but they are never the recipients of any unsavory act; they are victors, not victims.

Scott Burns

Editor's note: Plocek based his description on Burns's own YHWH, pictured above. The person hoisting the female "victor" is actually a scout. The Press deeply regrets the error.


The February 24 feature "The Dead Zone" erred in two references to legislation known as the 2003 Texas Residential Construction Commission Act:

A spokesperson for Texans for Lawsuit Reform says that rather than endorsing the bill, the group took no position on that legislation.

Richard Weekley, the group's founder, and home builder Bob Perry observed debates on some bills in general from a section of the legislature's gallery known as the "Owners' Box." They did not specifically view the debate over this legislation from that location.

The Press regrets the errors.

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