I've seen people open up their kitchens and camps to others just because it's the "Rennie" thing to do. It's not a competition about "Oh, I'm a Rennie -- I travel here and here and I work here, here and here." Big deal. If you believe, then you are, because without those of us who believe, Renfaire is nothing but another marketplace.

Starfyre, Rayven

Diary Dissenter

Mixing up genres: The movie review of Tyler Perry's newly released drama, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, was completely misleading ["Summary of a Bad Black Movie," by Luke Y. Thompson, February 24].

Luke Thompson is obviously unfamiliar with the Madea character and her background. This is a niche film aimed a particular demographic/segment of viewers. Thompson seemed to have a preconceived bias of the movie and its themes.

How would fans of, say, Woody Allen films or Spike Lee films feel if these directors' movies were belittled, wrongly criticized and judged by a viewer who was unfamiliar with the issues their films address?

I say to Thompson that all types of films are not for all types of folks. This film obviously was not for you. You should stick to a film genre that suits you. Let the rest of us enjoy our Madeas and Big Mommas. Obviously, you don't know Madea or Big Momma, so for future reference, review a movie you can relate to.

Curtistine Phillips

Defending L. Ron

Learning curve: I was pleased to see this article's mention of Project Call's work to assist students with the Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard ["Between the Lines," by Craig Malisow, December 16]. I am a veteran credentialed elementary educator and have used the methods referred to in public and private school settings with elementary and middle school students for more than 20 years.

What is not recognized is that the barriers to learning are exact, codified reactions that are visible in any classroom of any age student in any cultural setting. Once I knew these tools, I was able to spot and unravel learning difficulties without having to remove children from my classroom or get them remedial help.

Study Technology books are not religiously oriented; all you have to do is look at them. They provide teachers and students with the means to increase comprehension and application.

Mary Adams
Applied Scholastics International
St. Louis, Missouri

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