Big Mac

TV huckster McIngvale moves hearts as well as mattresses

The University of Houston's nationally renowned Bauer College of Business recently established a scholarship in McIngvale's name. Associate Dean Bob Casey says McIngvale regularly delivers educational and inspirational lectures to students, showing that a person's true worth isn't judged by just wealth.

"He's an icon in our community, and he is one of those that leads by example," Casey says. "...How do you transform the lives of young people?" McIngvale "gives us his financial treasures, as well as his time."

So does this mean you can't make fun of Mattress Mac anymore? Of course not. As long as he continues to spend a reported $6 million a year on those freaking commercials, it's open season. And as long as he keeps a necklace once owned by Princess Di in his store and sometimes gives speeches while wearing one of Elvis's capes, you practically have to make fun of him.

Joe Rocco

Just remember that when you do, you're laughing at a guy who's fed the hungry, aided countries devastated by natural disasters and paid for hundreds of Houston kids to pray in St. Peter's Basilica. He's done a lot more than just save you money. He's gladly given away a lot of his.

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