Lovable Lesbian Activist

Nancy Ford: a journalist and comedian committed to gay causes

Ford, a woman of faith, is sad about religion's role in antigay movements. "I would hope that so many of these religious organizations -- the evangelicals -- would get off the Leviticus and get on the Beatitudes," she says. The best thing a gay person can do, she explains, is to come out, and come out shouting.

Easier said than done, of course. "People on the outside of our community just don't have any reason to understand that what gay, lesbian and transgendered people lack is role models," says Hill. Yet here one stands with a T-shirt draped over her chest that reads "Stonewall 25," left over from the celebration marking the quarter-century anniversary of the pivotal gay-liberation riot and protest.

Ford explains to HATCH members how the event fits into gay and lesbian history. "Chances are our history will be diluted," she says. Ford tells the kids that they're responsible for continuing it. "I am becoming a relic," she says, clearly saddened by the thought of fading away.

Then again, don't be surprised to see her performing at the celebration for Stonewall 50.

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