He also described plans to run all those "mom-and-pop operators" (Ozarka? Perrier?) out of business, then outlined his planned free-enterprise seminars for other department heads. I envisioned being able to have city crews trim my trees and pave my driveway, and to hire cops to roust my daughter's unsuitable boyfriend. Alas, even Mayor Brown couldn't make it happen.

I also recall then-councilman Felix Fraga gleefully claiming his people were natural customers, coming from countries where you don't dare drink tap water. I thought he would have done better to educate his constituents, although I am no expert on Latino politics.

But if Houston is going to capitalize on the ignorance of its poor, why not start by selling Elegua candles, blessed handkerchiefs and juju dust at Ben Taub and Jeff Davis?

We'd make millions.
Richard Sohn


An April 28 capsule review of Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre's Dance Macabre Part Two: The Consummate Host misidentified the musical group that participated in the show. The correct name is Two Star Symphony.

The Press regrets the error.

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