Take Me Out... the ball game. Lauding baseball-in-rock's finest moments.

Steve Wynn, ex-Dream Syndicate
New York Yankees

Without question, Barbara Manning's "Dock Ellis," which not only immortalizes baseball's greatest achievement, but also does a good job of simulating an acid trip.

Tim Midgett, Silkworm

Either "Bill Lee" by Warren Zevon or "The Ballad of Bill Lee" by the Karl Hendricks Trio. These are fine songs, and Bill Lee is a smart, perceptive and generally cool guy, as most recently evidenced by his testimony in ESPN's mock trial of Pete Rose.

Ari Hest, pop crooner; once shared a stage with Barry Zito of the Oakland A's

I'm a sucker for the song that plays as Robert Redford rounds the bases at the end of the movie The Natural. To my knowledge there aren't lyrics, but I'll just say that it's huge and inspiring, kind of in the same way that the Rocky IV soundtrack makes me want to punch something.

Donald Carpenter, Submersed

The theme song from The Natural. It's the only movie that can give me the same goose bumps at home that I get at the stadium. That movie makes me want to go hit balls and shag flies.

Johnny Spampinato, NRBQ

"I Love Mickey." It cracks me up every time. Anything with Mickey in it is always great! Those older records are so innocent, and with true baseball spirit, it's hard to beat them.

Ryan Fox, '89 Cubs
Favorite player is Don Mattingly (?!)

"Cubs in Five" by the Mountain Goats. It equates a handful of implausible events -- such as the Cubs winning it all and The Canterbury Tales topping the best-seller list for 27 weeks -- with the possibility of the couple in the song rekindling their relationship. It's sort of like saying "When hell freezes over," though with arguably clever and contemporary references.

Dave Insley, honky-tonker
Arizona Diamondbacks

My favorite baseball songs are both from a Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers early-'80s Twin Tone release, Rockin' and Romance: "Walter Johnson" and "The Fenway." They are both such fine, sweet story songs -- classic Modern Lovers material.

Anders Parker, ex-Varnaline

"Catfish" by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy. An outtake from the Desire album, it was released on The Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3. It's got a really swampy-type feel. The song always makes me think of those real hot, muggy NY summers, and the pace of a ball game in that kind of heat.

Steve Albini, Yankee hater and professional cynic

Unfortunately, there are no good ones yet.

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