Blowing Smoke

Unenlightened: "Got a Light?" [by Keith Plocek, May 12] was the most irresponsibly written article I have ever seen in print.

I conducted an informal survey in an attempt to determine the age of the person on the front page of the Press holding a cigarette and looking for a light. No one polled thinks this kid is more than 14.

I don't really like to brag, but I'm a nonsmoker, and I meet a lot of women and get dates without burning cigarettes. In addition, the highest court in our state within the criminal justice system, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, has determined that bars, restaurants and even parking lots are public places. As to the contention that secondhand smoke may not be a danger, I wonder if the Press would like to assume liability for families who buy in to this argument and later learn that secondhand smoke was a danger to their children after all. Finally, smoking may burn calories, but it also kills cells, corrodes the lungs and causes major skin damage.

The entire article bases its argument that smoking is good for our city on the unfounded premise that revenue and good times are more important than good health. If the Press wants to grab readers' attention, it should conduct an investigation on the benefits of legalizing marijuana in Texas.

Bryan Marshall Samuelson

Historical Oversight

Main Street Theater: I enjoyed your article on Houston's theater scene ["Growing in Stages," by Lee Williams, May 5] but was disappointed that you failed to mention Rebecca Udden's Main Street Theater. The theater is coming up on its 30th year of providing great theater in the Houston community. Maybe it was just an oversight, but they too deserve mention.

Melissa Perkins


The May 26 article "No Pain, No Gain" incorrectly referred to Dudley Sharp as a former head of Justice For All. Sharp instead is the former head of the group's Death Penalty Resources division. The Press regrets the error.

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