Dubble Trubble

Troubled Hubble packs a one-two wallop of great music and an even better live show

But judge Pitchfork he will. "It's astonishing to go around the country and find out how many people read that," he says. "Every couple of months I'll read their news section, and that's kind of interesting because they seem to be covering a lot that other people aren't. But then when you read the stories, even their news articles have this pompous pretension to them that makes them really unpleasant reads."

Finding something to like about Troubled Hubble is a 
lot easier than this.
Finding something to like about Troubled Hubble is a lot easier than this.


Troubled Hubble appears Thursday, June 23. The Watermarks and Casino are also on the bill.
Rhythm Room, 1815 Washington Avenue, 713-864-6962

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It's likely that Otepka would enjoy reading reviews of his band's increasingly legendary live shows more. Billboard cited them as one of the five best live acts at this year's South By Southwest, and reports from other cities have gushed about a tambourine and shaker funk breakdown that's been capping off the band's recent sets. Should be a good show, and expect a few employees of the Johnson Space Center -- curious about the band who named themselves after one of their greatest fiascoes-- to be in attendance. "We do always draw NASA employees out to our shows in Florida, Alabama and D.C.," Otepka has said. "No lie!"

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