Joan Zuniga

Thaiing One On

A bit strange: I enjoy reading your articles every week, but I was a little confused about your review of Merlion ["Thai Seas," by Robb Walsh, May 19]. Being from Singapore, when I saw the restaurant was named Merlion, my first reaction was "Yeah! Singaporean restaurant!"

You see, the merlion is one of the national emblems or symbols for Singapore. That a Thai restaurant would use that as its name seems really odd.

Having grown up in Asia, I'm always wary of so-called Asian food in the United States and doubly suspicious of restaurants that offer one country's fare using the name of another country's icon. Very strange.

Kerry Maniam

Wurst Review

Leave Alfredo out of it: Your review of Alfredo's European Grill ["Wurst-Case Scenario," by Robb Walsh, May 12] was disappointing. Making personal attacks on the owner and telling readers to avoid him is adolescent. (Please take note that people over the age of 16 do read the food reviews in the Houston Press.)

In addition, if you really knew anything about authentic German sausage -- not the Texanized stuff in Central Texas -- you would know that bratwurst is supposed to stick out both ends of the roll. Here is someone trying to serve the real thing, and you complain that it isn't like the fake version you're accustomed to eating. Unbelievable!

I will give you credit for shining light on this place. I hadn't heard of it until I read your review. As someone who's eaten quite a bit of currywurst in Berlin, I ignored your advice to skip Alfredo's version. Even though it wasn't as great as what I ate in Berlin, it wasn't bad. I suspect foreign foods will always taste better when they're consumed in their home country.

One more thing: When you called Alfredo "Alberto," was that another lame attempt at high school-level humor that I didn't get, or just a good indicator of the overall quality of your review?

Chris Olejak


The Houston Press was given incorrect information from law enforcement authorities identifying one of the teenagers in "The Usual Suspect" [June 9] as white. His mother says he is black.

The Press regrets the error.

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