While aspects of showmanship may have been borrowed from other places, I believe that whole phenomenon of clowning and krumping was born out of the ghettos of Los Angeles, originated by black people, and you should not try to suggest otherwise. Give Tommy and the kids in the film 100 percent for what they have created.

Gairy Davis
New York, New York

Above the Law?

Where the sidewalk ends: Thanks for the article about our overzealous jaywalking enforcement officers ["Can't Get Arrested," Hair Balls, by Richard Connelly, June 23]. In the past two weeks, I have witnessed three bicycle cops run red lights downtown. They all stopped, looked both ways and then ran the light. Then there are the numerous bicycle cops who ride on the sidewalks (they sure know how to set an example). I guess our police officers are above the law. Is that due to some special edict from our illustrious mayor? I've also never seen a cop write a ticket to one of the illegal unlicensed motorized vehicles that the downtown district uses to get its street-cleaning employees around, either. Perhaps that is because they are worried about those pesky flag-wavers.

Roy Lewis

Ditch the Bridge

A bad idea: If you want to see truly ostentatious Christmas lights, you have to come east of Ella to Shepherd Park Plaza and Candlelight Plaza, where I live -- but watch out for the tour buses. I have been following the development on Rosslyn ["Wrasslin' on Rosslyn," Hair Balls, by Richard Connelly, June 30] for years. What I can't understand is why the developer just doesn't use the access to his property that exists off Pinemont and leave the ditch alone.

I'm sure what most people reading your article would not understand is that Rosslyn going south ends in T.C. Jester East, which runs under 610, and if you follow it long enough, it will take you to I-10. Opening up Rosslyn via a bridge will make a wonderful shortcut for commuters. That is what scares me, and I don't live near the ditch.

Wallace Saage

Quit It

Nonfat nonsmoker: What an arrogant and non-scientific article ["Got a Light?" by Keith Plocek, May 12]. "Smokers have more fun." That's like saying blonds have more fun. I was a smoker for ten years, and after many inhalers and nights of not being able to sleep, I finally mustered up the guts to quit. Cold turkey. I am 26 now, and that was three and a half years ago. I never have to use my inhaler and no longer have breathing problems. Yeah, I gained weight when I first quit, but here I am now, years later, and I'm five foot nine and 135 pounds. Nonsmokers are thin, too! I can understand if smokers don't agree with the ban, but don't be so ignorant, bringing in stereotypic comments that have no scientific basis. Significant studies have shown that secondhand smoke can cause cancer and emphysema. Think more clearly before you write an article hoping to attract the side of what you thought was your main audience. Get the facts first -- that way you won't look so uneducated.

Mindy Jones

Thanks, Nooky's

This takes the cake: Being a loyal customer of Juanita Jean's World Most Dangerous Beauty Salon (www.brazosriver.com), I knew we needed to celebrate Juanita's birthday in a special way. With all the hoopla about Nooky's Erotic Bakery and the county commissioners demanding its closure ["Let Them Ogle Cake," Hair Balls, by Richard Connelly, June 23], I approached them about making Juanita a special birthday cake. I want to thank Nooky's from the bottom of my stockings; this mother-and-daughter team couldn't have been nicer or done a more beautiful job. I would encourage all your readers to take a stand and keep them open; if you get excited about flour, sugar and some eggs, then you've got your own problems.

Lisa Schlitzkus

Warped Humor

Bonding experience: Your article on the Warped Tour ["Warped Minds," by Michael Alan Goldberg, June 23] was great. When I started laughing, my 16-year-old son had to check out what I was reading on "his" computer, and after taking a look, he was amused too. I'm referring this article to another parent contemplating going to WT this year, and I'm printing a copy off so I can read it when I need a lift. Thanks for putting your experience out there for us to enjoy.

Bev Curtis
Eldridge, Iowa

The War Continues

Get a clue: To Mary L. Bell: You weren't at the Halliburton demonstration, so you have no clue what actually went on down there [Letters, July 7]. Your opinion is based on what you saw through the news coverage. What a great source to base your opinion on.

You also can't "assure" me of anything in regards to the FBI and how they use the information collected as a result of the Patriot Act. How do you know? You must think very highly of yourself if you know how the top intelligence agencies spend their time. The masks and hoods were for protection, period.

And by the way, it's the same Kool-Aid you Republicans are drinking. Gimme a break.

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