Road Signs

Or, how I became the most wanted man in Texas

I was allowed to go back to the van, where I comforted my son, who was approaching full-blown hysteria, and I was given a ticket for my expired license, and my wife was given one for allowing me to drive with that expired license. She took over behind the wheel and we continued on our way. I was still fuming at Edith, but Jacqueline told me the cop had already given her what-for, so I clammed up. And then I found out how that message came to be scrawled in the dust on our van window. As it turned out, Edith had not acted alone -- there had been a little magnetic poetry action going on back there.

"I was waiting for you outside the restaurant in San Antonio and the kids were driving me crazy, so I wrote 'Help' on the van," admitted my wife. Yes, my wife. "And then Duncan came up and wrote, 'Please God.' "

"And then right before we drove off I wrote the part about being kidnapped," said Edith. Just why she wrote that has never been fully explained, but there you go.

This got real serious, real fast.
Al Cameron
This got real serious, real fast.

An hour later and we were home, and a cold Lone Star has never tasted better than the one I cracked the second I walked in the door.

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