Christmas in July

Six dozen of Houston's finest bands for a mere $7

4 p.m. God's Temple of Family Deliverance
5 p.m. Sevrin
6 p.m. You(genious)
7 p.m. Rx Medicine Show
8 p.m. Paris Green
9 p.m. John Evans Band

God's Temple of Family Deliverance
Best New Act

These guys wanted to call themselves Slayer, Bring Back the Guns and the Fatal Flying Guilloteens, but all of those names were taken, so they're stuck with plain old God's Temple of Family Deliverance. They like to play house parties, and for day jobs, members "make ice cream and copies" (although probably not copies of ice cream). They play music "because school sucks" and hate it when people think they're "stoner rock and know how to play guitar." -- SF

Best Metal

Not every rock band can sustain its own military branch. But Sevrin is plainly not just any rock band, as their "following increases exponentially at every show and the Sevrin Army fan base quickly grows day by day." Yes, like any hard rock band worth its salt, Sevrin takes its cues from KISS, treating the visual (or "showbiz," if you will) side of performance every bit as seriously as their sound, which they describe as containing "full-throttle, powerful, in-your-face music and aggressive yet melodically structured vocals." -- SF

Best Funk/R&B/Reggae

Rotund white R&B crooner You(genious) wants the ladies of Space City to know that they are "some fine-ass muthafuckas." To prove how much he cares for Houston's estrogen set, he's holding a "Win an evening with You(genious)" contest on his Web site, wherein a lucky lady will be treated to dinner ("cooked by me"), a private concert and a massage ("rubbed by me!"). Dessert will no doubt include "Sex on a Spoon" -- one of the hefty, Caucasian R. Kelly's most notorious hits. "Daddy's gonna make the ENTIRE world sing this song," says he, and with lyrics like "Make you howl at the moon (WOOOOO) / Sex on a spoon" who could resist? -- BM

Rx Medicine Show
Best Folk/Acoustic

Deep Montrose is just about the last place you'd expect to spawn an old-time mountain-music band, but it has and this is it. These tattooed ex-punks -- "the Reverend," "Rag Tag Mac," "Coach" and "Uncle Tick" -- spew an unholy Appalachian-style racket on guitars, banjos, mandolins, washtub bass, harmonica, kazoo and spoons, among other things. At their weekly gig on Mondays at Helios, dancers stomp the floor in front of the stage so hard it seems the venerable old venue might be shaken off its foundation. Have you had it with years of cramped-up city life, trapped like a duck in a pen? These "Salty Dogs" will whisk you away to good ol' "Rocky Top." -- JNL

Paris Green
Best Alt Rock

Named for an obsolete insecticide, Paris Green has a Web site that showcases the band's sense of humor. Instead of the usual hype and accolades, all you'll find there are stick figures holding signs that say things like "The Worst Band Ever" and "PG Sucks!" That&'s not quite true; our own Bob Ruggiero visited with them a while back and deemed their music an "extremely marketable and infectious blend of metal, punk, rap and scratching [that] could make them yet another in a line of bands 'sure to break' out of Houston." -- JNL

John Evans Band
Best Male Vocalist; Local Artist of the Year; Album of the Year (Circling the Drain); Best Roots Rock/Rockabilly

"Buddy Holly fronting AC/DC" is perhaps the pithiest way to describe this perennial multiple Press Music Award winner, and his gig schedule would seem to bear that out. Sandwiched around this gig are shows at New York punk Shangri-La CBGB's and another in Holly's hometown of Lubbock. Evans's heavy-metal honky-tonk has taken a more rockward turn of late, with new album Circling the Drain having something of a vintage L.A. punk feel to it, but the twang-o-meter still reaches George Jones levels with comforting regularity. -- JNL

110 Main, 713-547-0655

4 p.m. Modulator
5 p.m. The Watermarks
6 p.m. Meowcifer
7 p.m. Southern Backtones
8 p.m. Dreambreakers
9 p.m. Miss Leslie & Her Juke Jointers

Best Female Vocalist (Julie Zamora)

Having found their songs featured on "several episodes" of MTV's The Real World and Road Rules, our pals in Modulator know what it's like to darken the doors of the corporate rock marketplace. Plus, their recent Don't Hold Out on Me EP was produced by a Psychedelic Fur, giving them that much-sought-after patina of '80s retro-rock cred. The biggest crowds Modulator's played to have been in Austin, but they love playing at Rudyard's above all. The band's only complaint about the tight-knit Houston scene is the lack of competition here, "friendly or unfriendly." The band's dirty little secret? "We secretly want to be ABBA." -- SF

The Watermarks
Best Indie Rock

"More than 3,000 friends in two months on Myspace, TV syncs lined up, and Houston Press Awards nominee with only four shows played" are some of the topics that the Watermarks will regale you with these days when they are in a braggadocious mood. Or they might tell you about their debut demo EP, I Will Still Be Wishing, and the electronica-meets-indie-rock sounds thereon. Or they might want to talk about how they almost named themselves "the Skin Flutes." You'll just have to go to their showcase and buy 'em a drink and find out. -- JNL

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