The Kids Are All Right

Classic rock lives on in the hands of youngsters the Redwalls

The label teamed them up with producer Rob Schnapf, whose previous credits include Beck, the Vines and the late Beatles fanatic Elliott Smith, and who came armed with retro flourishes by the crate -- George Martin-esque string flourishes, Bowie's Thin White Duke-era saxophones, Hammond organs and stuff like that. The band's luck didn't end there: Once the album was in the can and they started touring, the big gigs fell into place as easily as the Capitol deal. First Keane and then Oasis tabbed the band as an opener and last month, in their hometown, in front of tens of thousands, the group had the honor of kicking off the shenanigans at the revitalized Lollapalooza.

And now -- with the oldest guy in the band all of 22 -- they're on their first headlining tour. I asked Baren if he was hitting the wall, if he was tired of interviews and jumping through all the label's hoops. "It's a lot more work than any of us thought it was gonna be," he admits. "We all thought it was just gonna be about having fun, getting laid and playing music, and it isn't, but we're young and now's the time to do it. We're getting in our rhythm, so it's all good."

The Redwalls: Lookin' shagadelic, baby.
The Redwalls: Lookin' shagadelic, baby.


Tuesday, August 23. OK Go and the Colour are also on the bill.
The Meridian, 1503 Chartres, 713-225-1717.

Indeed it is, so long as you're not a trendy bullshit asshole who thinks you're cool.

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