Tremé, Texas

The soul of New Orleans lives on in Houston, especially at Sammy's on Main

Relford and Sammy's partner Jeff Kaplan, New Orleans-born promoter Papa Jazzy and the Paul English-led musicians aid society NOAH are to be commended most highly for their efforts in bringing this historic night together. New Orleans will rise again, but until it does, drop by Sammy's any night of the week. (Or on Sunday morning, when Kermit Ruffins hosts his jazz brunch.) Tremé won't be in Texas for long.

Remembering Tim

Just because we're on the front lines of one of the world's greatest tragedies doesn't mean we're immune to our own homegrown suffering. In July, current Buddhacrush and former Zealots singer Tim McGlashen passed away suddenly after an illness. To honor his memory, and that of late Buddhacrush drummer Joseph Jackson (who passed away four years ago), and to cushion the blow to both of their families, their friends will be hosting a benefit on September 18 at the Meridian. The Zealots and the Buddhacrush will perform with guest vocalists, followed by Norma Zenteno, Drop Trio, Orange Is In and a special acoustic solo performance from McGlashen's friend Chris Whitley. (You read that right: Chris Whitley.) Ten bucks gets you in the door, and attendees are encouraged to bring some canned food for Katrina's victims as well. The Zealots get the ball rolling at six, so go early and stay late.

Scuttlebutt Caboose

A John Flores-free Westheimer Street Festival is brewing, one that wants to play nice with its neighbors. New organizers and dyed-in-the-wool Montrosians Don Schwarzkopf, M. Martin and Justin Bardwell are calling this year's reimagining of the age-old party WestFest Compressed, because it will span only the four blocks around the corner of Westheimer and Taft, and area businesses such as Helios, Numbers, Imagine That, La Strada and Mango's Cantina are cooperating. Smaller looks to be better; the band lineup boasts the Octopus Project, the Aquabats, Supagroup, the Black Novas, Hognose, Yuppie Pricks, Tody Castillo, Mighty Orq, Studemont Project, DJ Sun, Los Skarnales, Ese, Satin Hooks, Medicine Show, Free Radicals, Bo Jones, Southern Backtones, Million Year Dance, Bull Thieves, the Jonx, Go Spread Your Wings, Lanky, Novice, Mystery Flavor, Organ Failure, the Generic Trybe and more. Commerce Street Artists Warehouse will be contributing an art installation, and the event is being held in conjunction with the inaugural Free Press Houston Music Awards show. Sounds like the WestFest of yore -- way yore, like 1987 yore. Should be a good time, so mark down the date: October 15. For more information, call Martin at 713-527-0014 or e-mail

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