Gerald W. Lirette

Root Out the Rodents

Letting the city go: After reading the article "They Walk Among Us" [by Todd Spivak, August 4], I have to wonder if Spivak has ever read The Neon Bible by John Kennedy Toole. In a recent venture to Houston, I fell in love with the city, but I am continuously amazed that portions of the city that make it a great place to visit and live would be let go by the city. I'm not suggesting that the city round up all the vagabonds on the street like Giuliani did in New York, but the parks in Houston are a great natural setting in an otherwise dense city. I look forward to visiting Houston again soon, and visiting the fine parks free of rodents, excrement and trash.

Joe Turske
Charleston, South Carolina

Robb's the Man

Step off him: I can't believe the complaints I have read recently about Robb Walsh's dining reviews. Get off his ass, please. Robb Walsh has done so much for our regional cuisine with his books. We should all "thank our lucky stars" he chooses to call the Houston Press home and not the Austin American-Statesman or (God forbid) The New Yorker.

Cori Casala
Meadows Place

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