Susan Shafer

No dignity: I, like many others across the city, was deeply moved to see the amount of suffering the people of New Orleans had to endure during the days following Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent breach in the levee system. With New Orleans being so close, a Houstonian can only imagine, "What if that had been us?" At least I know I've tried to keep that in mind as I've found ways to be of service to those in need. It's clear, however, that your photographer for the "Katrina & The Waves" story did not keep that in mind as he snapped a photo of a naked man (unbeknownst to him) just trying to get cleaned up after a horrendous ordeal. What if that had been you? If you'd lost everything, and maybe even some loved ones, wouldn't you have appreciated a little dignity amid the madness? If a picture is worth 1,000 words, your shot included the words "We don't give a damn about what you've been through; this will look great in our paper."

Angela M. Henry

Is this the way we treat our guests? As a man is displayed with his vertical smile on page 17 of your paper, I must ask, is this exploited suffering or cultural enrichment?

Does ownership of a printing press give you the right to publish ass-naked photos of victims? Or can anybody enter restrooms and snap ass-naked photos of anybody?

Paul Pappas
Sugar Land

Outraged: I usually don't write letters of disappointment or read your periodical, but the picture that was shot and reproduced on page 17 regarding the hurricane victims really outraged me. It's bad enough that, once again, the media is exploiting black people -- for example, calling them "refugees" and insinuating that they are animals because of their previous conditions. Your periodical has added to this madness by showing a grown man naked and bathing himself.

Loretta Olison

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