Seat Belts and Eye Shadow

If the Lost Boys can't get young Hispanic males to buckle up, nobody can!

Wack: According to All Music Guide (, Glenn's gonna be 50 in June. Isn't that a little old to still be croonin' "Killer Wolf"?

Gary Danzig: Listen, jerkwad, I'm older'n Glenn by three years, an' I still sing "Killer Wolf" when I'm on the prowl. He can sing whatever the fuck he wants. Most guys in Lodi our age are wearin' sweatsuits and washin' our cars two times a day. Glenn wears black leather, takes it to the fuckin' people and then takes it to the goddamn bank. I'm troo wichyoo, asshole. Next question. Asshole.

Wack: Does Glenn still own that comic-book company? Isn't that kind of a nerd thing to do?

Hi, I'm Glenn! Grrrrr…
Hi, I'm Glenn! Grrrrr…

Danzig: Ahh, whadda you know? You live in the flyover, you dick. Glenn's comics [Verotik comics, for adults only] are fulla demons, and naked broads and blood and all sorts of freaky shit. They're frickin' awesome! Bill Gates is a nerd with all them computers -- Glenn'd rip off his head and pinch a loaf in his mouth, 'cause that's what you do to nerds! Next question.

Wack: Does Glenn think he's Wolverine?

Danzig: Are you frickin' kiddin' me? Wolverine -- goddamn Wolverine is a fraud! I seen him playin' that Australian fruit on Broadway last year. Glenn's for real! Them's real muscles! Me, I'm built like a sofa with pit stains, but Glenn stays in great shape. I haven't been able to beat him up since we was kids. I owned him for 11 years, and then he kicked my ass. My left ball still hurts when it rains. Next question.

Wack: How come Danzig isn't going to Tuba City, Arizona, on this tour?

Danzig: You little shit. [Hangs up] -- Paul Friswold

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