Charlie In Charge

Sexton has gone from child roots rocker to Spin cover boy to Dylanesque bard

Despite 25 years of major-label deals, hundreds of studio sessions, success as a producer and being a part of Dylan's band, Sexton says he's far from financially independent.

"I have a good bit of flexibility to choose the projects I want to do, the artists I want to work with, but there are definitely financial concerns. The records I do are what I want to do, but money still matters. I've got a wife and son to provide for." He notes that before joining Dylan in 1999, things were pretty tight. "We'd just had a kid, the record business as everyone knew it was falling apart, so the call from Bob was a godsend."

Sexton wants to make it plain that the current tour is as much about promoting Louisiana blueswoman Shannon McNally's new album as his own.

Sexton's approach on Cruel and Gentle Things 
is tasty, deliberate and restrained.
Sexton's approach on Cruel and Gentle Things is tasty, deliberate and restrained.


Friday, November 4. Shannon McNally is also on the bill.
The Continental Club, 3700 Main, 713-529-9899.

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"I produced a record with her for Capitol, but she got that old 'we don't hear a single' line. Back Porch turned out to be such a cool label that I was able to take her over there. So this tour is about getting Shannon's album out there and heard. We've got things set up where my band and I will back her for a set, then I'll do an acoustic set, then we'll do some more full band stuff to close things out. Something for everyone."

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