Black-Ass Fleas

Are they sellouts -- or just really bad rappers?

Wack: What about that incredible border-town song you wrote? To me, it's right up there in that classic Texas subgenre with Sir Doug's "Nuevo Laredo" and Top's "Mexican Blackbird." And it's something of a regional hit…

GF: "Otra Vez," my friend.

Wack: Yeah, that's the one. [Ten second pause] Um, could you, like, talk about it?

GF: Otra vezzzzz.

Wack: Okay…Moving on, and this is a question I ask everybody, but could you describe your soul mate?

GF: Two girls are better than one. Two times the kisses, two times the bliss. Maybe a brunette, maybe a blond…All's I know is two girls are better than one. Every swingin' bachelor knows it's true.

Wack: What about your audience? What's your dream crowd to perform for?

GF: We don't care if they are alcoholics, like Glen Campbell or Jackson Pollock…We don't care what kinda drugs they're taking -- Klonopin, Robitussin, Halliburton…We don't care if they play too much Dungeons & Dragons and want to grow up to be Bilbo Baggins. Their private nightmares are their own, but when they step out into the world, they become part of the collective. And we want to spread the Small Stars message of love. [To the room in general] We loooovvve you alllll! Owwwww! All you freaks! All you geeks! All you Republicans!

Wack: One last question. Give me your philosophy on life, the universe and everything in 12 words or less.

GF: Okay, my friend, I'll do it. [Lifts mojito to lips and takes a contemplative swig] We may be small stars, but we still need to shine. -- John Nova Lomax

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