On Da Lingo, Part II

Confused by what all our hometown rappers are talking about? Were here to help.

The interrogative phrase "What it do?" (made most famous locally by the line "What it do it's Paul Wall I'm the people's champ" and the now-legendary What It Dew mixtape) means simply "What's up?" but debate rages as to whether this is a Houston term. The San Francisco Bay Area -- or "Yay Area," as it is known locally -- has also laid claim to the phrase. Not so "draped up and dripped out" -- the chorus to Bun B's current single, which means "ornately accessorized" and can be applied to both your car and your clothes and jewelry. That one goes back to Lil' Keke and DJ Screw's 1995 Texas smash "Pimp tha Pen," the title of which refers to making money off the raps you write. And then you can spend that "cheese" (money) on some good old-fashioned "ghetto grub" -- William's Chicken or Timmy Chan's or other such fast food from the poor side of town.

Scuttlebutt Caboose

After a year or so on the sidelines, legendary (or notorious, depending on your point of view) nightclub owner/Britpop zealot Tim Murrah is back in the game with new bar/club the Mink. This time he's landed on Main, at the Ensemble light rail stop in the old Drink Bar/Barfly complex near the Continental Club, the Big Top and Sig's Lagoon. The phenomenally opinionated Murrah -- who, except for a crack about "tattooed rockabilly types" was mostly on his best behavior at the Mink's grand opening -- says the place will offer "every experience" from lounge to chilled-out bar to rock nightclub, but as of right now only the bar that faces Main is open, and it has been remodeled. No, there's no huge mural of shrieking Luftwaffe dive-bombers as there was at his prior club Stuka; the Mink's front bar is a narrow, mahogany-colored room with lots of candlelight. Soon enough, it will be joined by a performance area upstairs (mainly DJs, but also possibly some live acts) and lots of outdoor seating on the back patio. Mash-up pioneer Freelance Hellraiser will christen the performance area November 17, and Murrah says he's hoping that the Mink will be the kind of place that bands playing the burgeoning downtown/Midtown circuit will retire to for post-show nightcaps and afterparties…It seemed too good to be true, and it was. Advance word from promoter Smokin' Joe Montes had legendary songster Mississippi John Hurt performing at Montes's live KPFT remote show Joe's Roadhouse with Jay Hooks, Sonny Boy Terry and Shiva's Headband this Saturday at Fitzgerald's. The gentle-voiced singer, intricate guitarist and primary influence on Bob Dylan, Bill Morrissey and John Fahey -- in the most venerable club in town? I was a little dubious that the show would be coming off, though, seeing as Hurt, who was born a mere two years after seminal Delta bluesman Charlie Patton, would have been 112 this year. (He passed way 37 years ago.) Turns out Montes was referring to Mississippi John Hunt, who is very much alive and will be unpacking his Flying V onstage at Fitz's this weekend. "Boy, is my face red!" Montes noted in an e-mail to Racket, before adding that Blind Willie McTell, Leadbelly and Robert Johnson would all be on the bill. (Just kidding about that last part.)

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