Family Ties

Ex-members of a cult that once advocated sex between adults and children want the group's leaders exposed and punished

Anthony is quick to point out that he's "not some brainwashed moron who just believes what I was taught when I was a kid."

He says no one is paying attention to all the good the Family is doing, but instead focusing on Berg.

"Our founder is Jesus…not David Berg, okay? Jesus Christ, he is the one we follow. The Bible is our No. 1 book. Now, these Mo letters are inspirational writings, okay?"

David Berg's sexual obsessions became Family 
David Berg's sexual obsessions became Family doctrine.
Berg's daughter, Faith Berg Fischer, was a longtime 
Family leader.
Berg's daughter, Faith Berg Fischer, was a longtime Family leader.

Yet the Family's Web site,, lists Berg as their founder. His bio states, "David Berg's lively, down to earth, and sometimes unconventional approach to heavenly matters makes his writings a unique contribution to Christian literature."

The bio and photos of Berg on the site violate Lord Justice Ward's 1995 ruling, in which he wrote that leaders had to "denounce David Berg," adding, "They must acknowledge that through his writings he was personally responsible for children in The Family having been subjected to sexually inappropriate behaviour; that it is now recognized that it was not just a mistake to have written as he did but wrong to have done so; and that as a result children have been harmed by their experiences."

Instead of denouncing him, the Family praises him.

In one of the pictures, Berg cradles two cute, smiling children in his lap. One is his granddaughter, Techi. Her childhood was documented in Berg's "unique contribution to Christian literature," as with the following, which describes the dances she performed for her grandfather:

"When Techi was just four years old, she started off with one of her favorites. 'Sex in Heaven.' Techi was dressed just with a scarf and played during her dance with a big plume feather. Dad, after viewing the children's show, warned us that it wasn't very wise to film Techi all naked. At that time, we lived in South Africa, which has real strict laws regarding pornography!…A drape to cover her pubic area would have been much better!"

The other child in the photo is Ricky Rodriguez.

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