Letters to the Editor

Name withheld by request

Public Recognition?

MAD at Robb: Come on, now -- do you really think that food people don't know who you are ["Spy vs. Spy," by Robb Walsh, October 20]? Sure, you can infiltrate the sports bar, but a real place with real chefs? That's their business to know the food business.

I happened to be there on one of your visits (my God, even the public recognizes you). This was a few days after the hurricane scare. You failed to mention this: While many eateries remained closed, Gravitas was open, despite the fact that many staff members were evacuated and many deliveries were canceled. I wonder why service was bad and supplies were low.

On the other hand, I'm not sure that you're enough of a celebrity to warrant culling through beef cuts. Maybe you should educate Josh as to the difference between MADium-rare and MADium-well.

Mark Provenzano

Editor's note: Hurricane Rita made landfall September 24. Walsh's receipts show he dined at Gravitas August 31, September 8 and October 6 (these were his only visits). The person you saw was not Robb Walsh.

Opinions Oppress

Where's "Wiggy"? Your list seems very opinionated ["Best Beats from the Bayou," by John Nova Lomax, October 20]. "Cooter Brown" No. 2? C'mon, man…Where is "Tops Drop" by Fat Pat?

"High So High" by SPM?! Even "Wiggy" was a bigger hit…

This is why Houston rap music has been oppressed for so long -- lists like this.

Richard Hollon

Radio Rumblin'

Nice one, John: Could not have said it better myself ["Low Ride, Take It Easy," by John Nova Lomax, November 10]. I was programmer of one of the ghettoized Sunday-night programs (a three-hour metal show called Stage Dive on KLOL in the mid-'90s). It was always both gratifying and frustrating to even try to play local artists. It was gratifying because they truly appreciated it, but frustrating because you knew nothing more would ever happen. My wife was on-air host of the show (and music director of the station as a whole at the time), and her unfettered love for Pushmonkey got them into regular rotation and ultimately to a major label. We're both (primarily rock) music fans, and this situation sucks. You speak the complete truth on this topic.

Chris Smith


"Shattered Illusion" (by Greg Harman, October 27) stated that a window of the Marfa Locker Plant was shot out in response to an installation representing President Bush as a terrorist. The anecdote is unsubstantiated.

The Houston Press regrets the error.

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