Letters to the Editor

But you'd probably choke on something like that -- like you might on a hair ball in your own throat.

John Ferguson

Don't blame the city: So a computer that the city had wiped of any sensitive information and sold at auction years ago ended up in Africa. So what? What would Richard Connelly have the city do, install tracking devices on all the items it sells at auction? Keep all its surplus equipment in the Astrodome? There are plenty of things the city government gets wrong. This doesn't seem to be one of them.

Joe Carl White

Rock Locally

Great article: If you continue to slam the radio here in Houston, eventually something will happen ["Low Ride, Take It Easy," by John Nova Lomax, November 10]. Man, I don't have to tell you how strong local radio can be. There's some little station out in Alvin, KACC/89.7 FM, that plays the shit out of our music, and the funny thing is I've never heard it. But I get e-mails and cell phone calls from people saying they just heard us on the radio. Even fans get excited to hear local talent; it's just part of the whole experience, I think. Keep up the fight!

Rozzano Zamorano

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