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Whole Foods wants lobsters to live large before dying

Rantschler says she doesn't blame the HSPCA for, ummm, lying down with dogs and getting fleas: "It is understandable that the HSPCA will do whatever it takes, even work with morally bankrupt Neiman's, to save more of the animals in its care," she says.

So what exactly does the HSPCA think about all this? Does it hear at night the doleful cry of little minks as it contemplates its deal with the devil?

We don't know. We called the organization's Heidi Brasher several times, letting her know what we wanted to ask. One time we actually got Brasher on the phone. She said she was busy admitting some dogs into the facility and would get back to us as soon as she finished.

Lobster tales
Lobster tales
Listen to your gut, says this doctor.
Listen to your gut, says this doctor.

And apparently she is in the midst of the world's longest admissions process, because we haven't been able to get in touch with her over four business days. She did leave us one nonresponsive voice-mail message during that time, but otherwise remains incommunicado.

Maybe she's checking up on the lobsters at Whole Foods.

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