Deadly Photo Shoot

Oscar Bony has a blast

Talk about a death wish: Oscar Bony may be the only person to have shot himself several times and lived. Today, the New World Museum unveils the Argentine painter-photographer's bullet-riddled self-portraits. Bony created the violent images by taking ordinary glass-encased images of himself, then popping caps from a nine-millimeter pistol into them. He then "reshot" the results for the final print. Some of the prints are merely ordinary images of Bony with the holes placed randomly throughout. Other prints make a more blatant statement about violence: Kriminal has him lying on the stairs, eyes blaring, with an outreached hand, in a posed, cinematic death-stare with the "wounds" in mortal places. The glass in this print is cracked, as if the viewer were looking through a bullet-ripped window. Show runs through March 10. 5230 Center. For information, call 713-426-4544 or visit Free.
Jan. 21-March 10
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