Into the Frey

If you thought A Million Little Pieces was a pack of lies, wait till you check out the Mötley Cre biography

Stipe's Joseph Arthur-penned "In the Sun" is bland and, worse, mopey. Frankly, Stipe, the victims of Katrina could give two shits about your two-bit malaise. Sad-sack white folk know what you mean when you sing "Everybody Hurts." A person who found their mother's corpse by the smell of it in the wreckage of their home might tell you to sit down and cheer up. Have a Coke and a smile, Stipe (along with your celebrity guests such as Chris Martin and Next time, think about quietly donating the proceeds of a hit single instead of a self-indulgent public wankfest.

Fatwa! May "In the Sun" be the sunset of the charity song. May artists learn to do good works to get good feelings. It is written.

Ten of the worst rapper names possible
By John Nova Lomax

Rap names have got to be tough. You've got to either jack some famous gangster's name, or glom on to some hideously crime-ridden 'hood, or call yourself a "Pimp," "Hustler" or worse. It's a lot like the blues, one of the only fields of endeavor where the adjectives "blind," "peg-leg" and "cripple" in front of your name help enhance your cred and thus your sales. In both cases, what society at large would see as a handicap is a boon.

It got us thinking...These days, everyone in Houston's a rapper -- what if the people from the rich part of town wanted to start rapping and named themselves truthfully? At any rate, we came up with these ten H-town rap names you'll probably never see again.

10. Da Pearland Pimp

9. Cinco Ranch Souljah

8. Da Meyerland Murda Maab

7. Da Copperfield Killa

6. Tanglewood Terror Squad

5. Greenway Plaza OG Click

4. Buffalizzle Speedwizzle

3. Piney Point Trillage

2. Dem Galleria Boyz

1. Macanudohouse

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