Enter Pissman

A local musician/DJ tries to give a rock star a golden shower

"It went to Metal Sludge (, it went to Blabbermouth (, and from there it just skyrocketed. I had 80 death threats the very next day from Metallica fans all over the world. On the other hand, 90 percent of the people who wrote about it said I was their new hero." (A sampling: "All Hail Bill Fool!", "Bill Fool for President!" and "I wish Bill Fool was my friend.")

Fool was fired for a few days from the Jet Lounge, but they have since reinstated him. As for Ulrich, Fool says he heard through the grapevine that he considered pressing charges. "You'd think he would have a sense of humor," Fool says. "Back in the day you would read these stories about Metallica being fun-lovin' drunks. I guess now they're just old bitter millionaires."

Many of Ulrich's defenders said Fool's attempted pissdown was just an attempt to draw attention to his bands. Fool denies this, and when you think about it, it doesn't make much sense. Both of Fool's bands cited in Gagnon's article -- Bickley and the Down-n-Dirties -- have been defunct for years.

So why did he do it? Was it because he hated Metallica? Was it because of the band's famous anti-Napster stance? Was it the tinny snare sound on St. Anger? No, no, and no. The fact is, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. "I was never that much into Metallica and I don't give a shit about the Napster thing -- I never used it. It was just that I was drunk, and I decided I was gonna fuckin' piss on Lars. And if I saw him now, I would challenge him to a pissing contest. I'd say, 'Fuck it. Let's do it, man.'"

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