Don't Buy the Hype

A serial killer isn't getting out, no matter what TDCJ says

And apparently there is one big fan in the booth whenever Hamilton's announcing games. Especially if he's alone.

No No-Spin Zone

Colleges and universities seem to live and die by media stories ranking their status, and the University of Houston is no exception.

Their Web site for their Bauer College of Business notes proudly that UH's "Executive MBA program ranks 17th in the U.S. among public EMBA programs, according to the 2004 Financial Times' evaluation of the top 75 EMBA programs in the world."

Read it fast and it's impressive -- 17th out of 75 worldwide? Wow.

Read the actual FT article, however, and you'll learn that UH indeed ranks 17th among U.S. public universities on the list, of which there are a total of...17. And where do they rank among all of the top 75 public and private schools? Right behind Number 74.

Isn't that kind of misleading?

"I'm not sure it was intended that way, but I can see where you're coming from," says Bauer spokesman Russell Reese.

As Reese went on to mention, making the top 75 list -- when you're talking about schools all over the world -- is a pretty nice achievement.

But apparently they don't teach "leave well enough alone" to future MBAs at UH.

--As told to Richard Connelly

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