Letters to the Editor

Lewis Frapart

Editor's note: We took you out of the photo because it was a negative review, and we were afraid it would appear that you were endorsing the negative review.

Cactus Capers

Got the blues: Thanks for the kind words about Cactus ["A Crying Shame,"; by John Nova Lomax, February 9]. I started working there last May, and they didn't say a thing about my bright blue hair except "cool!"; Where else can one get hired these days with blue hair?

Quinn Bishop has been a great boss (I almost don't want to use that word for him); not only was he great about getting me some incredible CDs, but he would listen eagerly to my opinions on music. The rest of the Cactus gang is fantastic as well; I especially enjoyed the story of the car full of Cactoids and the devil's weed " classic Cactus, indeed! I miss working there already.

I always look forward to reading your column, and this is one I will clip and save for my archives. Thanks again for the article, and all your work at the Press. You do your family legacy proud.

Ian Wilkinson

Where the heart is: You brought it home, John! Thanks for giving a shit about music Ė and about Cactus.

Paige Mann
H-town, baby!

The Name's Tommy

We're golden: I own six pawnshops — for 21 years, with the same stores, same locations, same customers. Mr. Name Withheld sounds more like an employee who had a problem with his pawnshop employer ["Pawn Problems,"; Letters, February 2]. I encourage your paper to come into any of my locations and speak to all my customers and see how many drug addicts you see in my stores. As for writing the laws, read the pawnshop regulations and you will find that we are regulated and licensed by the State of Texas. Eighty-three percent of my pawn customers redeem their loans. If Mr. Name Withheld had any real facts, he surely would have given his name and the company he worked for. My name is Tommy Hastings, and I own Pawn One stores in Houston, Texas. Look in the Yellow Pages for all my locations. The State of Texas will take your pawn license in a second if you are found dealing with drug addicts who steal, as Mr. Name Withheld says pawnshops do. My question is, why did he work for them for 10 months and not report the chain to the State of Texas? He was also licensed by the state to work in a pawnshop. Where was his moral character then? I operate a clean business that performs a service for people who can't go to banks or obtain loans elsewhere. Name Not Withheld,

Tommy Hastings

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