Best Served Cold

She Wants Revenge made the journey from hip-hop to new wave...Just don't compare them to Interpol

This decision opened whole new vistas of challenge for Bravin personally. First came the realization that keyboard players generally aren't bastions of visual panache.

"This is my first band, and Justin's got years of experience onstage and he's a total perfectionist. Now, my primary instrument is keyboard but I'd see the keyboard guy, in whatever band, and I'd think, 'How boring does that look? I don't wanna be that guy.' There's only so many neck moves, y'know? So I told Justin, 'You know what? I wanna play bass.' And he said, 'Well, look Ė you work on the bass and if you get it to the point where you can be onstage and play and not fuck up and continue to evolve as a bass player, then go for it. But if you're not capable, we have to agree that we're gonna get somebody to do it.'" Bravin chuckles, slightly abashed. "I'm still not the best bass player in the world but I'm finally getting very comfortable being up there and not worrying about fucking up. In the beginning I'd just stand there like a deer in the headlights and kinda stare at the bass and just pray that I got all the notes right."

Although She Wants Revenge has been garnering plenty of positive response from both audiences and critics, one common point of comparison has got the band good and rankled.

Vengeance is theirs: Warfield (left) and Adam 12.
Vengeance is theirs: Warfield (left) and Adam 12.


She Wants Revenge will perform between Electric 6 and Rock Kills Kid on Thursday, March 2.
The Engine Room, 1515 Pease, 713-654-7846.

"Pretty much every interview we do, whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, somebody tends to bring up Interpol," Adam practically spits. "And I think it's just somebody being lazy that says that. So I was just curious to see, like, do those guys think we sound like them? 'Cause we know we don't! So I went up and introduced myself to [Interpol bassist] Carlos D and I told him what band I was in and asked him, 'We're really curious - what do you think? Do you think we sound like you?' And he said, 'No. We don't think you guys sound anything like us. To start with, you guys have electronic beats! And your chord progressions are completely different. We think it's ridiculous that people compare you to us. There are other bands out there now that sound way more like us than you guys do.' So...that was a nice conversation."

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