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An Infinite Ache David Schulner's play is a minor miracle of writing. Now running at Stages Repertory Theatre, it manages to move across a wide landscape even as it plunges deep. The story, about marriage and how difficult it is to love someone till death, starts with Charles (David Kenner) and Hope (Tasheena Miyagi) on their first date and follows the ordinary American couple through the joys of childbirth, the trials of familial loss and, ultimately, the sorrows of sickness and old age. The couple also deals with everything in between, including sleepless baby nights, difficulties with parents and a wild teenage daughter. After getting off to a creaky start, the story about long love moves quickly. This is a fast two hours of theater, but for all its speed, it often cuts to the quick, especially when it lingers over the most banal sorrows a married couple encounters, such as Charles's difficulties getting a well-paying job and Hope's wandering eye. And even though the young cast at Stages is inexperienced, and Peter Webster's direction doesn't do much to develop the emotional nuances of the story, the writing is strong enough to lift up this attractive couple and carry them along on the powerful wave of truth. Through March 12. 3201 Allen Parkway, 713-527-0220.

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