Caught in the 'Net

The Web site Don't Date Him Girl outs cheaters -- but who's lying, the guys or their accusers?

Finally, we got through to someone: Bill in Dallas, who wasn't aware he was on the site. But as soon as we told him, he said he knew who the woman was.

His accuser writes: "He also has about seven to eight kids but will only tell you about three or four. That's how he lies when it comes to kids. His kids got about six to seven different baby mamas now you know what a male whore he is. Also, he has given women STD to women and dont like to where condoms either, that's how nasty he is [sic]."

To which Bill says, "She can write what she want about me. I don't care."

Okay then, here's some more: "He also doesn't pay child support for the babies he's making out their and at 50 he needs to take his old ass somewhere and sit down for making what he can't take care of. So for every woman out there watch out for this loser [sic]."

Bill was glad to tell his side of the story, which is that his accuser was bitter about being dumped.

"She wrote it because I don't want her, see," he says. "She's bad for me, see. I don't need her in my life. See, women are funny. When you quit them, they can't take it. But when they quit you, they want you to accept that and go on about your business."

When told that the woman also accused him of mooching off her, he says, "When I first met this woman, she had a hooptie. A hooptie is a car that might make the next block and it might not. I bought her a car. Gave her a car. Dated her for a few years...when I ask her for money, then it's 'Uhhh, well...' I gotta go back down memory lane and hear this bullshit about this and hear this about that...See, the things that men do for women don't count, no matter how big or how small. They don't count. But if [women] do one little-bitty, teeny-weeny-ass thing for you, they're going to make sure that you never forget it."

He says he helped raise the children she brought to the relationship. And as for his children, he says all but one are grown and were well taken care of.

"I ain't mad at this woman who put this on here, you know, but it's cool though. Just one of them things...It's not going to stop me from dating, I bet you that. Matter of fact, she might've did me a tell you the truth, she had a couple of friends that wanted to date me, see? What can I say?"

Darrett and Jen (real names this time) met online last spring. He says he was freshly dumped from a yearlong relationship.

"I guess I just went into man-whoring mode, 'cause I was really hurt by that," the 34-year-old Darrett says from his parents' home. He moved back there after being laid off from his IT job in 2003. He has an associate's degree in business administration from San Jacinto Community College and is now studying finance and economics at the University of Houston.

Darrett was one of only three Houston-area-alleged-lying-bastards we tracked down, and the only one who wanted to talk.

He says he liked Jen's picture online. She's a bigger girl, and he digs that. As he says, "Truth be told, I actually like a little meat with my potatoes."

When they talked on the phone, she sounded cute. And sane. He says he told her he was also dating two other girls, who knew that he was dating other people. They went on a date. They saw The Dukes of Hazzard and met some of Darrett's friends at a bar in Seabrook. They went back to Darrett's place and had sex. She visited twice more in the next few weeks.

When he told her he had decided he wanted to exclusively date one of the other girls, well...

"To make a long story short, she's fucking nuts," Darrett says.

The psychosis revealed itself, he says, in harassing e-mails to Darrett and his new girlfriend, in which Jen accused Darrett of giving her an STD. Then she went to

Next to a picture of Darrett looking slyly at the camera with a cigarette dangling from his lower lip, she wrote: "Girls DON'T date this man. Well, I met this man via the Internet and I found out he was sleeping with 2 other girls. Just take my advice and steer clear of him."

He says Jen notified him of the posting, which he characterizes as "complete and utter bullshit." He says he e-mailed the site, giving his side of the story. And while DDHG allows guys to post rebuttals, he says he never heard back. Nor did his friend Tracy, who says she also e-mailed the Webmaster on Darrett's behalf. (We asked Joseph to check on Darrett's e-mail, which was sent in August 2005. She replied with an e-mail on March 17 saying that they had just located the message, which was immediately posted.)

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