Letters to the Editor

What is wrong with their present bus barn? Is it that they don't want to look out the windows of their new building and see buses parked there? And how many more taxpayers' dollars can they waste on land they buy for no reason? And then they make excuses for the reasoning. It sucks.

Steve Hyde

Who Knew?

Lomax is a critic: The Abattoir article about the Velvet Underground's status as the most overrated band ever finally confirmed something I've long suspected but could never really prove: that John Nova Lomax is a music critic [ Wack, April 6]. Most of the signs are present, from pointless bands-and-their-influences bashing to the duck-and-cover use of rhetorical questions to "prove" weak points. He even tosses in some self-aggrandizing revisionist rock history just to be safe. How he failed to once again mention that he knows Mike Haaga is beyond me.

Of course, Lomax is entitled to his opinion, and that we disagree on the VU isn't my point. He comes from a prestigious lineage devoted to exposing and preserving previously unknown talents, enriching our musical palate. Unfortunately, it seems Lomax chooses to use his abilities to write about why our local bands won't ever succeed and to tear down widely loved musical pleasures for motives only he can know. Indeed, the apple has truly fallen far from the tree.

Michael G. Bell

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