Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

A scientific study of the two-piece indie-rock boom

The reality for all population booms is that exponential growth cannot sustain itself and must drop off at some point -- sometimes abruptly and mercilessly. The future of pair-popularity is dependent on many factors:

a. Will interest in novelty duos wane?

b. Will audiences grow tired and weary from too much pent-up sexual tension?

The White Stripes
The White Stripes

c. Will we crave bass lines again?

Most likely, the duos who survive the inevitable drop in two-piece-fan fascination will be those best able to adapt and cultivate a richer sound as demand necessitates. But as any giddy dork in a lab coat will tell you, the beauty of each individual specimen lies in the unique qualities that distinguish it from its neighbor, be it a butterfly or a dung beetle, a two-piece or an orchestra. And at the end of the day, for bands, it all comes down to whether they can rock you.

Genus Two-Piece: An Overview

The genus Two-Piece includes several species. Below are some of the most popular of the current era, though evidence suggests variations could, theoretically, be infinite.

Two-Piece muchosexualis: The Raveonettes, the Kills, Fame, Jucifer, Mates of State, Quasi and married electronica duo Madison Park;

Two-Piece justfriendsicus: Giant Drag, the Dresden Dolls, I Want a Hovercraft;

Two-Piece sausage festali: Death from Above 1979, the Black Keys, Two Gallants, Om, Oppenheimer, Swearing at Motorists;

Two-Piece incesticus: Fiery Furnaces, prehistoric specimens the Carpenters and at one point the White Stripes (later controversially reclassified, much to the humiliation of musical scientists duped by previous research). Note: Also frequently misclassified here is Canadian lesbian twin-sister act Tegan and Sara, who are not in fact a true two-piece, as they employ backing musicians both in the studio and on tour. In this case, they represent a dazzling example of the evolutionary tactic mimicry.

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