Lost Dog

He can survive a fire and a hurricane, but not the Houston SPCA

Stepping into the fray has been the faculty senate. They met May 3 and debated as only faculty members can.

And then they passed a resolution. One heavy on the "whereas," such as "whereas lack of public confidence in the stability and integrity of the governance of HCC will threaten our college." And so the resolution thundered that the Faculty Senate "strongly urge[s] the Board of Trustees to act in such a way as to reinforce student, employee and public confidence" in the school.

That was it. No further details were given as to what they were complaining about or wanted to change.

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Click here to read Ken Hoffman's Pethouse Pet of the Week.
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Click here to read Tales from the BBB.

"We didn't want to get into the politics of a vote of no confidence in the board, because the board can retaliate," says one faculty member. "We still have to work with them. So how do you do that delicate dance?"

Only by putting your balls in hock, apparently.

Senate president David Wilcox wrote faculty members that some attendees supported the board and some the chancellor, and that the resolution had been described as "well crafted, politically astute and something all faculty could ultimately support."

Which, we guess, is one definition of "useless."

Tales of the BBB

There are a million sad stories in the files of the Houston chapter of the Better Business Bureau. Well, maybe not a million, but there are quite a few. And here is one of them, SAO Marketing Listing Service on Westheimer Road.

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