Fly Like an Eagle

Jesse Hughes proves too sexy for his band, too sexy for his band

AZ: That's, like, every journalist's dream. "All right, I'll become a rock star."

JH: I was 30 years old, I had nothing to lose. It was like rock and roll called me. I woke up and I had this amazing mustache overnight, a pair of leather gloves, a cape and black leather boots. And I don't even really, honey, know where they came from.

AZ: People do sleep-walking and sleep-driving. Maybe you did sleep-shopping.

Kung fu mustache rides: 50 cents. (Josh Homme, right, not included.)
Kung fu mustache rides: 50 cents. (Josh Homme, right, not included.)


Saturday, May 27
Warehouse Live, 813 St. Emanuel, 713-225-LIVE

JH: The gods of rock bestowed it to me. The cape was made by the gods of rock themselves, I'm pretty sure.

AZ: What is the care of your mustache? It seems the focal point of your look.

JH: It's my Samson hair, baby. I don't really know if you can characterize it as a mustache. I think technically it's a soft boomerang of love. I don't wear one; I own it. Like Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, baby.

AZ: That's quite a mustache to aspire to.

JH: It's like, "Dude, I'm a man, check it out." That's what it's about, baby. [laughs] What did you think when you saw it in St. Louis?

AZ: I was kind of like, honestly, you look like an extra actor from CHiPs.

JH: Totally. I like to think of myself as an up-and-coming star in the adult industry.

AZ: I can see that, too. Well, you are infiltrating a different kind of TV with the TV commercials [for Wendy's, Payless Shoes, etc.].

JH: This really ain't no Bible study, we didn't come here to save whales, this is rock and roll. We came here to have a good time and hang out with ladies.

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