Gator Aid

Thanks to the Endangered Species Act, alligators are everywhere in southeast Texas. So now the state is going to make it easier for you to shoot you one.

Call received: 7/12/04, Aransas County
Length: 4 feet
Problem: Alligator in a crab trap
Further action: Game warden released on refuge

Call received: 6/21/04, Brazoria County
Length: 8 feet
Problem: Alligator came out of the Gulf of Mexico and crawled up on the beach where people were fishing and swimming
Further action: Alligator was relocated in Alligator Bayou

Call received: 6/27/05, Jefferson County
Length: 6 feet
Problem: Alligator caught -- tangled in rope
Further action: Contact game warden -- people feeding and trying to capture alligator -- Vietnamese fisherman set up line -- "had dead snakes" lined up -- using as bait!?

Call received: 5/27/05, Cameron County, US Immigration and Detention Center
Length: 7 feet
Problem: Alligator was impeding traffic entering and exiting facility
Further action: Relocated

Call received: 5/26/2004, Matagorda County
Length: 6 feet
Problem: Alligator was walking down the street, complainant felt like it should be removed from the area
Further action: Relocated by TPWD

Call received: 5/14/2004, Harris County
Length: 5 feet
Problem: No problem -- Citizen just reported seeing gator
Further action: NONE -- Educated public

Call received: 8/09/04, Orange County
Length: 2 feet
Problem: Alligator bothering residents by being in their ditch
Further action: Leave gator alone and he will move on to greener pastures, he's not hurting anything and would not come out of culvert for me to catch him.

Call received: 3/21/05, Harris County
Length: 3 feet
Problem: Homeowner described alligator as 3 ft, located just at poolside in his backyard. Had seen the alligator prior to leaving for work and called in the complaint from work.
Further action: The alligator was found at the given location but it was a small plastic alligator. Homeowner requested removal of said plastic alligator.

Call received: 12/9/05, Calhoun County
Length: 7 inches
Problem: Alligator was captured illegally and used as a pet
Further action: Relocated

Call received: 6/21/04, Live Oak County
Length: 4 feet
Problem: Six alligators were inhabiting a homemade swimming pool in the back yard of a residence
Further action: All six alligators were relocated to the Nueces River

Call received: 8/6/04, Orange County, TxDOT Travel Center
Length: 3.5 feet
Problem: Alligator frightened the window washers, visitor fed the gator and try [sic] to pet it.
Further action: Inform the public about the law, but they don't seem interested in doing this. They are getting the fire department to remove alligators, but this is not legal.

Call received: 4/25/04, Jefferson County
Length: 6 feet
Problem: Alligator was in a drainage ditch when some bystanders moved it to the top of the ditch. Alligator was brought to a nearby house. Alligator bit off the tip of a finger of a man at the house. (Bystanders told game warden Stephen Satchfield that the injured man had been showing kids at the scene "What not to do.")
Further action: Alligator was captured by me and relocated to Taylor's Bayou.

Call received: 9/7/04, Fort Bend County
Length: 4 feet
Problem: Alligator dropped off at door of vet clinic
Further action: Released in San Bernard River

Call received: 6/19/05, Fort Bend County
Length: 5–6 feet
Problem: Complainant has already lost one dog to an alligator and doesn't want to lose another one.
Further action: Released in rice canal on George Ranch.

Call received: 9/20/05, Jefferson County
Length: 14 feet
Problem: Alligator in canal next to pasture. Alligator has charged horses drinking.
Further action: Advised owner to use water trough.

Call received: 5/14/04, Gregg County
Length: 8 feet
Problem: Chasing cars on 149 bridge @ Sabine River.
Further action: Alligator was hit by a car and died before my arrival.

Call received: 6/14/04, Fort Bend County (Sugar Land)
Length: 3 feet -- 5 feet
Problem: Alligators being fed from apartments and Cafe Adobe open dining area, eating baby ducks
Further action: Released in Brazos River

Call received: 7/31/04, Brazoria County
Length: 3.5 feet
Problem: Alligator trying to get in chicken pen
Further action: Relocated

Call received: 5/14/04, Jackson County
Length: 5 feet
Problem: In airport runway area
Further action: Patrol area

Call received: 9/21/04, Cameron County
Length: 10 feet
Problem: Alligator was attempting to get under the back porch of residence
Further action: Replace tailgate on the TPWD vehicle due to damage caused by alligator.

Call received: 6/24/04, Matagorda County (residence)
Length: 4.5 feet
Problem: 4' Alligator in wash room
Further action: Relocated

Call received: 1/10/05, Montgomery County
Length: 8 feet
Problem: Alligator in drain pipe.
Further action: We think the alligator went into the pipe because of recent cold weather. The alligator is not stuck and it seems to have the ability to leave the pipe if he chooses.

Call received: 7/18/04, Fort Bend County, Texas Genco (power plant)
Length: 5 feet
Problem: Alligators are getting into sensitive areas of fuel handling operations
Further action: Released in Cow Creek.

Call received: 1/3/05, Jefferson County
Length: 5 feet and 6 feet
Problem: Alligators are too close to the employees' dedicated smoke area
Further action: Continue to monitor area for alligators

Call received: 7/19/04, Fort Bend County
Length: 3 feet
Problem: Kids throwing rocks at alligator.
Further action: Complainant was advised that there was a parenting problem in the neighborhood, not an alligator problem. Alligator couldn't be located anyway.

Call received: 9/2/04, Brazoria County
Length: 6 feet
Problem: Alligator walking through neighborhood, traveling from water hazard on hole #2 to water hazard on hole #5.
Further action: Continue to look for alligator.

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