Roots Redux

Dan Colehour's Midwestern musings get their day in the Texas sun

While Carnival is "trying to focus on the farming/blue-collar crowd," Colehour is anything but a farm boy, although he is proudly Iowan. "By the time I came along, all my family had gotten out of farming, but it's just the way of life up there. It's in the genetic code. Strong, quiet, persevering, graceful people."

Hopefully, Carnival will see past Colehour's obvious tractor-pull appeal and will concentrate on the female market, too. Love songs such as "As It Ever Was," "Leaving Meridian" and "Still Your Ruth" have all the blue-eyed soul of a Delbert McClinton and should appeal to everyone from corporate secretaries to biker chicks to Hummer-driving housewives.

With the record release still several months off, Colehour is testing the waters outside the Midwest strongholds of Indianapolis and Cincinnati by playing Texas, which he's always thought of as a second home.

Colehour: Tractor-pull appeal.
Colehour: Tractor-pull appeal.


Friday, June 16.
McGonigel's Mucky Duck, 2524 Norfolk, 713-528-5999.

"I was living out in California and helped my folks relocate to San Antonio. I'd been down there two weeks when I saw Joe Ely at the Southwest Craft Center. Grissom was with him and they killed, of course. I loved Texas. The entire time I'd been out in sunny California I was terribly homesick. Didn't know why, but I just didn't seem to fit in. Homesick way down deep in my soul. But Texas, it felt like home, wide-open spaces and friendly faces."

For now, Colehour is just trying to keep his head above water until his shot comes around again in October. He's made peace with his career misfortunes, just like those farmers in his songs who rise before daylight to fire up the engines again.

"I have to work a day gig when I'm in town. It's tight right now, but my back's strong. There's no time to feel sorry for yourself."

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