Par for the Course

Forget the money crunch, let's play golf

Setting the Bar High

Houston hasn't been threatened yet by even a tropical storm this hurricane season, but already the race for silly weather coverage is on. KPRC-TV's usually reliable Mary Benton has taken a huge lead, thanks to her June 19 antics.

As is apparently mandated in the contract of every television news reporter, Benton was knee-deep in standing water after severe rain hit the Houston area. She was there to tell people, of course, to never stand knee-deep in floodwater.

Click here to play Houston Astros bingo!
Click here to play Houston Astros bingo!
Play baseball, the Ken Lay way.
Play baseball, the Ken Lay way.

One reason why: You can stumble over submerged curbs. Which Benton did, while more closely investigating the earthshaking news of a stalled car. "You're giving me a heart attack!" anchor Dominique Sachse squealed, back in the studio.

"And what's worse," Sachse continued, "is look at all those kids out there playing behind her in the water!"

Yeah, wonder where they got that idea.

Return of the Hero, Part XVII

Once again, area man Roger Clemens has deigned to pitch for the Houston Astros after a protracted flirtation. His actual return on June 22 was covered with all the restraint of a Category 5 storm headed up the Ship Channel. We couldn't watch every station at once, or read every inch of wasted newsprint, but here's our bingo card from the coverage before, during and after The Big Event. As you can tell, winning was easier for us than for Roger. Click here to play Houston Astros bingo!

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