Letters to the Editor

Crab Bag

AA success: Great job on the Sartin's story ["Crab Man," by Robb Walsh, July 13]. After reading it, I had to drag the wife over to their new location in Clear Lake to eat crabs and watch the hippies laugh at the bikers, who were making fun of the rednecks. On the dry-erase board out front there was a blurb stating that as a result of your article, Doug attended his first AA meeting yesterday! Good job!

Dave Hudson

Crab cravings: What a great story. It brought me back to my childhood. Every weekend we would pack up the family and travel to Sartin's for boiled shrimp, frog legs and, of course, barbecued crab. I had almost forgotten that fabulous restaurant until the article. I'm craving that barbecued crab taste again, and you will soon find me in one of their restaurants. Next time you go crabbing with a Sartin, call me!

Renee Gagneux

In the Background

Denied: I just want to thank you guys for this article ["Bad Checks," by Keith Plocek, July 6]. I'm a registered respiratory therapist and applied for a position with one of the hospitals in northwest Houston. Unfortunately, they didn't offer me a job because of a previous deferred adjudication more than nine years ago. My case was dismissed, and therefore I put no "criminal record" on my application. I was honest with the human resources guy, and he thanked me for my honesty. Once my background check came back, the director of human resources denied my application. I explained the situation, but I don't believe they understand the law. Anyway, I did some Googling, and this article came up, giving me some peace knowing that I've done the right thing by reporting no criminal record. I was not accused of an assault or robbery or prostitution or drugs, but it was a felony offense. It was dismissed. The whole situation should be examined. Their loss.

Loretta Simmons

Back to School

He's grounded: Pavlos showed great character and is to be commended for turning the other cheek toward Patricia Paquin at his graduation ceremony ["Cut Short," by Todd Spivak, June 29]. Now if only she would do the same and turn the other cheek right out the door from Hightower High School. Patricia, this is America we live in, not a communist-run government. Maybe something toward the military would suit you better. And Pavlos, keep up the good work! We need more young adults as grounded as you are.

R. Williamson

High on Hightower: My son has attended Hightower for two years, and he has flourished. Many students have done fabulously in the district, state and national science and engineering fairs; they have won scholarships; and our Broadcast Department won a daytime Emmy. I won't say that campus life is perfect. Incidents happen at all schools, and it is a tightrope walk for any administrator. I appreciate the candid "principal chats" that Principal Paquin holds at the school to help put rumors to rest, tell her side of the story and answer questions. We may not be happy with all her decisions, but she is the mother hen and our kids are under her wings while at school. If we are holding her accountable for success or failure, then we should trust her system, unless it is proven to not work.

We want our kids to get a good education, but our communities are growing faster than the schools can be built, so overcrowding is a fact. Maybe things were easier under earlier administrations, but Hightower is now bursting at the seams (temporary shacks are already on campus for this year). Teachers leave schools for many reasons. Some departures may be due to personality clashes; more are due to new schools opening that are not overcrowded at the moment, offer more lucrative packages or are closer to home. Who wouldn't want to move up the ladder? I have satisfactorily been told which teachers went where and why during a principal chat. Almost all were moving up or over to new schools. I know teachers at Hightower who back Paquin 100 percent and are happy with her performance. Others may not be. That happens.

If my son does something stupid and gets in trouble, then he must shoulder the responsibility and work through the system to put it right. Until I see my son's scores or grades dip, then I believe the school is doing its job. So I say keep on keeping on. Work within the system to resolve differences and try to make sure our children have the best educational experience possible, within the parameters.

Melissa May
Missouri City

Not Cool

Look, Lomax: I would hope you would understand this "yacht rock" trend is what happens in pop music every 20 years or so [Racket, by John Nova Lomax, July 13]. Remember the swing revival and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy? Just because the current generation wasn't born the first time around this trend occurred doesn't make it cool, MySpace or any other Web site be damned!

I, as well as many of my friends, remember the first time we heard "Do It Again" and "Africa." It sucked then, and it still sucks now!

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