Letters to the Editor

Also, in the July 20 edition, a review of the play Smoke on the Mountain (by Lee Williams) incorrectly identified some of the actors and their characters. The role of Reverend Oglethorpe is played by Kevin Dean, and Karen Hodgin plays Vera Sanders.

In the July 27 edition, the feature story "Changes in Attitudes" (by Josh Harkinson) also contained errors. Peggy Hamric's last name was misspelled. Martha Wong was principal of Kolter Elementary, not a high school, and she kicked off her campaign in the Greenway Plaza area, not Greenspoint. The federal IRS had nothing to do with Rob Brunner's state property taxes.

When we referred to Hamric and Joe Nixon as being vulnerable to attacks by Democrats, we should have referred to Republican candidates running in that district, not them. Hamric and Nixon were defeated in the primary race for state Senate that year.

Please see today's Hair Balls for further explanation of the errors in this story.

The Houston Press regrets the errors.

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