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It's 1995 all over again...and again

HP: Do you live somewhere? Or do you just go from gig to gig?

Strickland: When I'm on the road, I just live outdoors. When I'm in a city, I usually sleep behind a building or something. Sometimes I get to stay with friends I've made.

HP: How long did it take you to walk to Houston this trip?

Buzz Ballads: A rehash of 32 songs we didn't like in the first place.
Buzz Ballads: A rehash of 32 songs we didn't like in the first place.
Between the Cracks: Dean Strickland.
Between the Cracks: Dean Strickland.

Strickland: I started out from San Antonio at seven in the morning, headed out on I-10. After walking about 15 miles and three rides, I got to Houston about sunset. Getting to Amarillo is harder; that usually takes two or three days.

HP: What kind of music do you perform?

Strickland: Right now I'm playing a mix of bluegrass, country and folk music. I used to play punk -- positive punk, though. And I've done some rock and roll. I write songs, too. Mostly country music with humanistic lyrics. I want to write a whole album on the road and record it, one song in each city. I've already done a few songs like that, one in Austin, one in Lubbock, one in Wichita Falls. I still have quite a few left to do, but I've started.

HP: What's the best thing about performing?

Strickland: Just that I've made it that far, that I got on stage somewhere. Sometimes I don't even know that I'm going to make it to the gig, if I'm going to get to the city in time to play. So just getting there is a big accomplishment.

HP: What's the worst thing?

Strickland: I get a little nervous sometimes.

HP: How many girls have you picked up with the line "Hi, I'm a musician"?

Strickland: None. That line never really works.

HP: Finish this sentence: If I didn't have to worry about money I would...

Strickland: I would put together a CD and get a distribution deal. Right now all I can do is record a song every once in a while and carry around a few demos. I'd love to be able to make a whole CD and promote it.

HP: Finish this sentence: Right now I'd rather be...

Strickland: This is great, doing the interview with you. I might like to go do a television interview, but otherwise, this is fine.

HP: If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

Strickland: Keanu Reeves.

HP: Who is the most important person in your world?

Strickland: I have to say me. I mean, I love my mom and my family, but I think I'm the most important person in my life.

HP: Tell us something people don't usually know about you.

Strickland: I have my record label logo tattooed on my arm, Never Say Die Records.

HP: Football or foosball?

Strickland: [Short pause] Football.

HP: Bert or Ernie?

Strickland: [Long pause] Ernie.

HP: Who would you rather marry, Nancy Reagan or RuPaul?

Strickland: [No pause] RuPaul.

For more about Dean Strickland and his Texas walking tour, visit musicians/deanstrickland.

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