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Women complain that doctors get away with pretty much anything

Hirsch also says he has no idea why 17 women came forth with nearly identical allegations, nor does he know why the Texas Division of Workers' Compensation removed Leonard from its approved doctors list. He also was unaware of the Austin Police Department's 2001-02 reports on Leonard, which detail a planned sting operation the police wanted to conduct in cooperation with the Division of Workers' Compensation.

A detective handling Blue's case wanted to arrange for a female undercover police officer to visit Leonard. In the supplemental report, the detective notes a conversation he had with Elliott Flood, director of DWC's fraud unit.

The notes state: "[Elliott] asked for the name of the suspect doctor. I was hesitant to give it, but I did. Elliott was aware of Dr. Leonard. He state[d] that they have looked into his billing methods on several occasions."

Boling says her complaints about patient exploitation weren't taken seriously.
Daniel Kramer
Boling says her complaints about patient exploitation weren't taken seriously.

The notes go on to state that Flood provided the detective with a list of Leonard's patients who would be "good candidates to contact for interviews." The detective took their written statements. The report does not explain why the sting was never performed.

To help Blue in her civil suit, Boling arranged for her to be represented by Stanley Spero, a Massachusetts-based lawyer who specializes in exploitation cases.

"Physicians, mental health workers, anybody who gets involved in this kind of work, they can identify people who are very, very vulnerable, and they take advantage of these vulnerabilities...Cathryn Blue was there for simply a consult. That's all she was there for. And look at the life that took on."

As for Boling, she says she was gradually able to put her life back together after her divorce. She still feels she was re-victimized by the Texas Medical Board, which is why she feels so strongly about Blue's case. She says a civil victory might send a message to the board that all accusers need to be taken seriously -- a different dynamic than when she brought the complaint about her husband to the board.

"He was protected," she says. "I was punished."

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