The Damnwells

Air Stereo

After garnering critical acclaim with their 2004 major-label debut, Bastards of the Beat, Brooklyn's Damnwells spent a lot of time on the road. The ups and downs associated with the long-distance love life of a musician are reflected in the band's latest album, Air Stereo. Singer-guitarist Alex Dezen's moody melodies and heartfelt lyrics are smooth enough to touch even the toughest cynic. Dezen obviously has been on the receiving end of a few breakups himself, which he best reflects in "Heartbreaklist" and "Shiny Bruise," songs that both show the singer's jaded outlook.
Ready to move up a level, the Damnwells are radio-friendly and smooth.
Ready to move up a level, the Damnwells are radio-friendly and smooth.

"Golden Days," Stereo's first single, and "You Don't Have to Like Me to Love Me" are radio-friendly, summery tunes that venture close to Jackson Browne territory but still retain the band's trademark Americana style. Dezen also injects humor into Air Stereo; on "I've Got You," he sprinkles a few classic song titles into his own work: "I've got you babe / don't stop believin' babe / more than a feelin' babe / I want you to want me babe / kickstart my heart babe." A tour this year opening for Top 40 darlings the Fray may not be the best influence for the band's continued musical development, but it will undoubtedly give them some well-deserved exposure. With Air Stereo, the Damnwells seem ready for whatever success comes their way.

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