Letters to the Editor

Dr. Pervert

Dirty, rotten SOB: I'm Cathryn Blue's mother. I read your article ["The White Coat Club," by Craig Malisow, August 17] and wish to thank you with all my heart for writing it. I can tell you what happens when a so-called respectable doctor goes beyond his expertise in examinations. In 1998, or thereabouts, my husband and I were seeing an MD practicing in El Paso. He had checked my heart and lungs with a stethoscope, checked my throat and ears, etc. He asked me if I'd had a Pap smear and breast exam lately. I told him I had very recently had that done by my gynecologist. I was sitting at the end of the examination table wearing a cotton smock-type robe. He came to my right side, put his right hand into the top opening and fondled my breasts. (I know the difference between examination and fondling.) I then felt his erect penis touching my right hip. He then excused himself and told me to get dressed as he left the exam room. Of course, there was nobody else in the room except him and me. I didn't realize what had just happened until I got dressed, paid my bill, left and got to my car. Then it hit me! I had just been molested by a dirty, rotten SOB of a doctor. I wanted to report it but didn't. I thought it would be my word against his, and who would believe me anyway? After all, I was a woman. I'm very proud that my daughter stood up for her rights and those of others. Thank you again for helping her to set the world straight on Dr. (?) Leonard.

Carol W.

Steve's Birthday Suit

Morning news: I loved your article about the nudist camp ["Losing It," Been There/Done That, by Steven Devadanam, August 17]. I read it out loud to my wife in traffic. We couldn't stop laughing. Thanks for making our morning.

Rick Canales

Tacky: I am from Oklahoma, and I remember my first-time trip, but unfortunately it appears you did not do your homework. Nudity is about self-acceptance, and to make fun of others or talk about others was very tacky, especially when they were trying to be hospitable to you. And the headline "Everything Goes"? That gives the totally wrong impression of a resort. I really think a follow-up letter ought to be written to apologize. Even though you were trying to relay what was going through your mind, the few people who were there and read your article will know who is being talked about, which goes against what the nudists mean when they say acceptance.

Jim Ray
Kellyville, Oklahoma

Wacky: When I read your article online last night, I was literally jumping for joy! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are impressed! The article is just wonderful -- well-organized and well-written, it flows easily along the chronological path of your experiences. You made me sound like someone I'd like to meet.

Since we're all so comfortable with our bodies, it never occurred to us that you were uncomfortable if someone brushed against you. I assure you it was accidental and had no other meaning. We're sorry for your discomfort. Next time you come out, you will be much more at ease! We hope that's soon, as you'll be the toast of the camp.

I heard from several Natural Horisun people this morning -- they're all out buying up copies of the Press today. I hope to get one myself when we're up there this weekend for Wacky Watermelon Weekend. Thanks again, for everything. Take care and come to see us. You will always be welcome!

Lucille (last name withheld by request)

Natural nudism: We are family nudists, and we really enjoyed Steve's article on the Natural Horisun camp. The world needs more places like that. Thanks for being a myth-buster and for telling Houston that we have safe havens for families to enjoy nature here in the United States, just like our cousins in Europe and Africa do.

The American Association for Nude Recreation, by the way, is the National Rifle Association of nudists. They strive to educate people about the inherent wholesomeness of the nudist lifestyle; they go to bat against misguided legislation that seeks to criminalize nudism; and they will defend in court those who are unjustly arrested for being nude in remote areas. Learn more at www.aanr-sw.org.

C'mon, folks, it's time to step out of your living rooms and enjoy the great outdoors as God intended.

Dale & Tanya Gerber

P.S. We weren't giving Steve looks because he was still wearing his shorts at first. To tell you the truth, we were admiring his beauty. I actually did a for-real double take! As he said, most of us are middle-aged and less than perfect. He is a very handsome young man, and we were delighted to see him there. I'm quite sure that he turns heads wherever he goes, and it was only his self-consciousness that made him think we were judging him.

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