Letters to the Editor


Been done: I've been an addicted Houston Press reader since the first issue. It is a staple of my required reading each week, and I have never felt compelled to respond to an article. However, Steven Devadanam's story prompted me to write. This subject of nudist/naturalist experiences has been done before, many times. What's new about Steve's take on the concept of going without clothing? His reactions to seeing naked bodies and contact with the other naked bodies has been written about before. What's new and/or newsworthy about his article? It's tired, sophomoric material. This article makes me think of the kind of salacious news junk that the local television stations present during the sweeps time of the year to increase viewer numbers. I hope this is not a precursor of the kind of article that Devadanam will be presenting in the Houston Press in the future. The byline of Been There/Done That does imply that we, the readers, have been there and read that. That is a poor excuse for journalism from a forward-thinking newspaper.

Patrick McKee

Grand Slam

Gracias, guys: Thanks for the kind words ["The Edge of the Spotlight," Wack, by William Michael Smith, August 24]. First of all, I've known William's son Lance a few years and think he's a great complement to Hayes Carll's superb talent. Second, it's great to see such objective reporting in the Press with your many influential, unnamed sources who are supporters of mine. Yes, it's true I have on occasion asked about a room I've never played to see if the PA I'm bringing is adequate. And it's great to know that people are actually listening to some unreleased tracks from some shelved Sugar Hill sessions, and my Kinky campaign song. It's true I'm not part of the Houston Press Awards pantheon, and haven't had any releases consigned at the now-defunct Cactus. Well, any Press is a good Press, I suppose. Thanks for an all-out slam, and kudos to the vituperative ex-girlfriend who must be dating one of you guys!

Chris Knudson


Contrary to what we said in "The White Coat Club" (by Craig Malisow, August 17), Cindy Boling was not married to Steven Guilliams. She told the Houston Press that her attorney advised her to file for divorce under the common law doctrine. However, she states that the two were never actually married.

And in "Parish Predators" (also by Craig Malisow, August 17), we stated that the Texas Department of State Health Services contracted with Dynamic Health Care for Medicaid services. The story should have stated that the contracting agency was the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

The Press regrets the errors.

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