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Andrew McMahon is in remission and on the road

What is the best thing about your gig? Making art that people can relate to.

What's the worst thing about your gig? [Long pause]

Doing interviews like this? [Laughs] Yeah, people always -- I'm pretty much a quiet person. I don't say many words to people. They're all like, "You have so much to say on the mike, but then you get in social situations and you don't have anything to say."

Andrew McMahon: "My band, my fans, they motivated me."
Andrew McMahon: "My band, my fans, they motivated me."
Perseph One
Perseph One

When did you start performing? I started performing in high school.

Did you always want to be a hip-hop artist? When I was younger I liked Janet Jackson a lot and I wanted to be just like her.

What artists have had the biggest impact on you? H.R. Giger, Yppah, he's a local guy. He just got signed to Ninja Tune. His music has been a big inspiration as far as my beatmaking and the direction of sound that I like. Rappers would be, I don't know, not too many rappers. Right now I'm diggin' Macromantics.

What do you do to pay the bills? I'm working at a day care and at a restaurant.

What do you do at the day care? I wipe snotty noses and try to keep kids from causing chaos; yeah it's fun...

I get ten to 15 three-year-olds and I have to change diapers. I'm in the middle of all of 'em and they want to be held and they're always fighting because everything is like a possession of theirs -- "Mine, mine!" -- that's what I hear all day.

What's the worst thing about being a waitress? I don't like so directly being a servant. "Hi, my name is your server." I like serving in different ways. At the same time it's good to get paid to do something that makes people feel good. People like to eat.

The uniforms are bad, though. They're button-up, and mine is bright yellow. I picked that one because I ride my bike to work and that way I don't get hit by a car.

You used to have dreadlocks but you cut them all off. Why? Most people say, "Because it was time." Just one day I had a feeling like I don't know if I want to carry this anymore, all this energy, I just don't want to carry it around. They say your hair carries energy. I just looked in the mirror and cut it, and at first I had this reverse mullet -- I said, "Okay, this looks silly." The next day I had a friend cut the rest of them off. I still have them.

In case you need some extra energy, you could put them in your pocket... I was thinking about giving it away; I gave some away.

Would you consider selling it at your shows? [Laughs] Yeah, that would be cool. Like $5 a lock.

If you could choose a superpower, which one would you choose? Um...Can I have two?

Sure. To morph and to be invisible.

Ah, so you would rather change into something or change into nothing? That's a very interesting contrast. You made that sound deep. I don't know, God is all things, is something and nothing. I can't think of anything else that's greater than that.

You have a really laid-back personality. Do people ever think that you're constantly under the influence? Most of the time I am. Kidding! Actually, I stopped smoking weed, because it makes my demons talk to me and I get really supersensitive. I've been drinking, though.

Um, this questionnaire says, "How many girls have you picked up with your 'Hi, I'm a musician' line"... None. Actually, I don't have to give that line.

Where can we see you next? September 9 at B&B Sports Bar, 13310 Cullen.

If people want to know more about you, where should they go? To hell. No, tell them I'm just kidding. My page,

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